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No Batteries Required ☺

The game of marbles has been played in one form or another for thousans of years. Children have been playing with marbles of clay, stone and flint since the times of the ancient roman and egyption civilizations. There are countless ways to play marbles. Usually, marbles are tossed or flicked at other marbles on the ground. Marbles is a great game because you can play it anywhere, and it is simple, colorful and fun. Come with us as we explore the great game of marbles! Here's what you need:

  • Inexpensive marbles for play.
  • Collectible marbles if you want them.
  • A place to play
  • Friends!
  • Check out our how to play marbles page for some examples of marbles game rules.
Marbles Web Sites

Top Ten marbles web sites.

  1. Moon Marble
  2. Land of Marbles
  3. Akro Marbles
  4. Jabo
  5. Marble King
  6. National Marbles Tourn.
  7. Marble Bert
  10. Joe Marbles

This is our well rounded list of fun marbles web sites. They can help you if you would like to get started playing with marbles. You'll find a little more about these sites on our marbles blog.

Get Started Playing Marbles

Are you looking for a fun activity for kids? Consider the game of marbles! Playing marbles encourages creativity, sharing, competition, counting, sorting, and physical activity. The rules can be as simple as you like, and it really doesn't take much to get started. All you need are a bunch of marbles and a place to play.

Easy Game for Young Children
  1. Find a place to play that has a smooth surface, like carpet or cement.
  2. Purchase sets of marbles. You can find them online and at toy stores.
  3. Learn some simple rules and fun words, like mibster and knuckle-down.
  4. Experiment with shooting the marbles and play!
  5. Try not to lose your marbles! Gather them up and keep them for next time.

The u.s. marbles championship has been held annually since 1992. We have links to other marbles tournaments on our Oh Marbles blog.


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