Into Marbles hopes to take the idea of playing with marbles and run with it, where ever that idea may lead. Our content consists of this web site, which was started in 2009. There is a free game for iPhone named Oh Marbles that has been on and off the Apple App store. The most recent effort is the beginning of stop motion animation series involving a gaggle of fictional kids and one old adult.

Publisher - Wes Sauer, Cider Press Media
Web Site Design - Wes Sauer
Comic Character Development - Pete Whitley, Andre Nussbaumer, Wes Sauer
Oh Marbles Game App Development - Grigory Vaigandt, Bhautik Gadhiya, Wes Sauer
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Cider Press media is a name inspired by fond memories of making apple cider, playing games in the summer, playing practical jokes and other fine memories that I experienced with my grand father. Welcome Friend Sauer (1903 - 1972) worked as a mail carrier, beginning in a Model A Ford and retiring decades later after practically every one in town knew him.

We still find marbles around his house and garden.

Wes Sauer and his grandfather, Welcome Sauer.
Photo by Gary Sauer, (ca. 1970)



Charismatic, amiable kid who is really into marbles. He will play with anyone.


Conservative, low risk player. Enjoys beating the challenges with little personal risk or difficulty. More motivated to NOT lose than to win.


Expressionist player. Appreciates the creativity, production values, illustrations, and style. Enjoys winning with flair and flourish, expressing himself through the trappings of the game.


Full-frontal assault player. Loves to win and win big. Takes joy in humiliating his opponent. It's not whether you win or lose, it's how much you win that matters.


Beng is nine years old and has naturally black hair. Her black hair is thick, wavy and sometimes out of control. It is a clue to her personality. She is intensely curious, smart and competitive.


The first think you'll notice about Sam is that he wears a prosthetic arm. His hair is blondish-brown, and he has blue eyes. Sam is so interested in game play and achievements that he sometimes forgets to brush his hair or make his clothes presentable.


Intellectual, clever player. Enjoys the intellectual challenges of the game and isn't as interested in winning or losing as doing either with some unique combo, rare item, or surprising a typical approach.


Wilson is a very short kid who often looks messy. His hair and clothes are messy, and it usually looks like Wilson just raced into the scene. He is a very hyper kid that appears to be constantly in motion.


Rusty is 9 years old and he is already kind of annoying. His black hair is straight and he has a huge smile and a loud laugh. Sometimes he talks to much. When he rides his skateboard, you'll see the marbles can under his arm.


Dennis is a sincere 8 year old who usually wears his school uniform when he goes out to play. He keeps his marbles in leather pouches that he stuffs in over sized pockets in his pants or his jacket.


Aazim is new to town. He still wears traditional clothing from Pakistan, but he is beginning to adopt western behaviors. His colors are muted browns, purples, blues, and maroon. His hair is red-black and his eyes are green.

Mr Criss

Mr. Criss lives near the school in a migrant workers cabin. Childhood polio left him with a short leg, thick boot and a walking cane. He is a dominos master and marbles collector.


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