Fancy game marbles to win!

Every kid who plays with marbles wants a giant collection with lots of variety. fritts art glass You can have the same variety of marbles when you play oh marbles! universe marbles This page describes some of the artists who are universe marblescontributing designs for our marbles game. If you would like to contribute designs of any type, please contact us.

Featured Artists
These are a few artists who make hand made marbles.

winlock marbles

cory anderson is a self taught marble maker based in winlock washington. his marble sets are highly sought after for their nostalgic appeal and quality craftsmanship. collectible winlock marbles are available at and on ebay.

"i have always been fascinated with these little orbs we call marbles, but who isn't?....they have a mystique about them……..everyone loves a marble & everybody you talk to has a marble story! winlock marbles have reached all corners of the globe. making marbles & talking to people from around the world brings me much joy, the same joy shared by the collectors of my little creations." -cory anderson

Universe Marbles

gateson recko is an expert who creates miracles in glass.

"my artistic career has been driven by a desire to not only explore new concepts in glass but also to explore the furthest reaches of our universal imagination of outer space. this theme has been present in my work since i first began experimenting with glass at the furnace and continues to be the inspiration for my work today on the torch. with the knowledge that space travel beyond our solar system will not happen in our lifetime, i have chosen to create an infinitely imaginative world of time and space within the confines of a marble. i dedicated my energy to refining my design and improving on a sense of hyperrealism as a small but active group of contemporary marble collectors took notice of the new form of borosilicate marbles being crafted. the marbles i create are called “universe marbles” and they range in size from ½” to a whopping 4” in diameter. borosilicate glass is the perfect material for this because of the high heat capabilities, the availability of optically clear glass and the way in which fine silver and 24k gold interact with the glass. form, craftsmanship and above all originality have always been of the utmost importance to me as i explore space, time and art. to see and learn more please visit my website," - gateson recko

fritts art glass
hot house glass

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