Ring-taw marbles game

Ringer is the official marbles game played at the National Marbles Tournament. It is played by placing 13 marbles in the form of a cross in the middle of a 10 foot diameter ring. In Ringer, shooters shoot from the ring's edge and knock marbles out of the ring. This variation of the ringer game requires that mibsters stand behind a line to shoot.

Marbles Games - Ring-taw

Setup - draw a circle a few feet across, on the ground. mark a taw line about six feet away.

Each player puts in about five marbles.

Players take turns shooting from behind the taw line. The first player must hit the marbles out of the ring and keep her shooter outside of the ring too. Players keep any marbles they hit out of the circle. Any shooters left in the circle become targets for any player.

If a player hits a marble out of the circle and the shooter stays in the circle, the turn continues by using any marble won earlier as a shooter.

If a player hits a marble out of the circle and the shooter goes out of the circle too, then the players turn continues and they can continue to shoot from behind the taw line.

If a player has no more marbles to shoot, they are out of the game.

The game ends when all of the marbles have been knocked out of the circle.


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