marbles games - ringer

This is the game upon which tournaments are played.

Setup - draw a circle that is ten fee across and put thirteen marbles in the center. The marbles should form a cross, and be spaced three inches apart.

Starting with the first player, each mibster shoots from anywhere outside of the circle, trying to hit a mib out of the ring while keeping her shooter inside the ring. In a tournament, rules may say that the players must knuckle down when they shoot.

If a player's shooter misses a mib, or doesn't hit any out of the ring, her turn is over and she picks up her shooter.

If a shooter hits a mib out of the ring but the shooter also rolls out of the ring, she keeps the marbles that rolled out of the ring. her turn is over, and she picks up her shooter.

If her shooter hits a mib out of the ring and stays inside of the ring, she can shoot again. she keeps all of the marbles that she hit out of the ring, but she has to shoot from whereever her shooter ends up.

On each new turn, players can shoot from anywhere outside of the circle. Play continues until all the marbles have been shot out of the ring.

Whoever collects the most marbles is the winner.

If you want, you can change the rules so that if a shooter remains indisee the circle, the she must leave it there and it becomes a target for the other players.


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