Decide where to play, and then pick your opponent and chose which type of game to play. There are 27 game locations defined in Oh Marbles. Start at home, then play in the back garden, the tree house, a junkyard and then a bunch of other locations that become available as your level increases. Each time you launch a game, pick from the opponents that play at the location you selected. A coin toss is started when you pick the game type.

Wait your turn! Each game begins with a coin toss and if the opponent goes first, just wait. You can see who is taking their turn by watching the color of the little circles at the top that display how many marbles have been won.

Place your marbles into the game. If you select "Place Marbles", your marbles wil be taken at random from your marbles bag. If you want to control which marbles are risked in a game, you can place them into the game circle one at a time. Just tap a marble to display it full size. Then touch the large marble with two fingers and drag your fingers to the place where you want to drop the marble into the circle.

Shoot your best shooter. You will receive another shooter eacht time you level up. Not all shooters are the same. You'll need to remember which one performs the way you like. Click on any shooter to display it full size. Once it is displayed large, touch it with two fingers and drag it. Once you slide your fingers, the marble will be ready to drop into the game.

Inspiration may strike you and when it does, take a super shot! You can call on the old man when ever you would like and he will teach you super shot. All you need to do is trade some bottle caps with him. You'll find bottle caps when you are playing games at various locations and even when you are away.


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